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Writing Down Your Life Goals

Hello again!

I have a question: why do you think most people give up their New Years' resolution so quickly?

It's simple, they don't plan.

This week we are going to be talking about life goals. Because we can’t get far in life without having an objective or a reason to work hard. So, let's begin...

What is your life goal?

Is it to learn a language or travel the world? Well, if you feel adventurous type your goal in the comments. No matter the goal it should be huge. It shouldn't just be "Go to America". You have so much potential and you can honestly do anything, how about climbing every mountain in America or visiting every temple in Thailand? Even though these may seem impossible due to time or financial constraints, you should instead list down the positives of going instead of only thinking about the cons.

Big Plan, Small Goals

Simply put, you should plan big but have small goals. So, have a seat somewhere quiet and comfortable and think. Where are you in life now? What do you want to achieve in a year or a decade? The final big question is how are you going to do it?

These should not be a random selection of generic ideas, give it real thought, or you will be stuck with a goal you are not motivated to achieve.

For example:

  1. I am unfit right now

  2. In a year I want to be fit enough to run a marathon

  3. To do this:

  • I will start running 2 miles every alternating day

  • I will apply for a 5K run this year (Can be a virtual run)

  • I will start eating more vitamins in order to have more energy

  • I will start drinking 5 glasses of water every day

Here, I have a clear long term goal- to be fit enough to run a marathon. So, I have to plan in order to achieve that goal. By having easier and more attainable plans you are way more likely to complete your goal. I personally used this plan and ran my first half-marathon last summer. I now run 5 miles every other day while keeping up a healthy diet, as well as being on track to run a marathon in a (Hopefully!) good time.

Remember! Your goals should be:

  • Statements of what you believe in

  • Connected to your own purpose and values

  • Providing motivation when needed

The key to unlocking your motivation is by writing it down*

*The Health Benefits of Writing About Life Goals, Laura A. King Southern Methodist University, https://www.leaderblogueur.com/wpcontent/uploads/2015/05/02e7e5293b4dd5d2f4000000.pdf

If you are really against writing it down, then record yourself saying these goals or by telling someone. By having it out in the open for the world to hear, you are more likely to achieve your goal.

How To Plan

12-week planners are amazing and I cannot stress them enough! These planners help set more realistic goals and keep you on course and fully motivated. What's great about 12- week planners is that you can see the progress you make and after every 2 weeks or so you can adjust how much you want to study if it is too much.

How To Start A 12- Week Planner

1. You can use a notepad, blank paper, or a note-taking app on your device.

2. You first write down your goal in big letters across your page. Something along the lines of...


3. Now, this is important! List all the reasons why you want to do this. This makes your subconscious brain aware of why you are putting yourself through so much trouble.

4. Then, list everything that could stop you from doing this, such as distractions or lack of time.

5. After, plan out each week with a short term goal that you want to achieve like

Week 1- Read two self-help books on finance

6. Repeat the last task for each week until you have a fully fleshed-out plan. All that is left is to follow through and actually be productive!

TIP- Imagine you are finishing that marathon you want to run or you have just paid off all that debt that has been hanging over your head for so long. What are you feeling? If it's pure joy then relish in that feeling and write it down. This will help you when you have those motivation dips and you feel like you can no longer go on. Remember you are capable of anything, I believe that and so do you. There is nothing stopping you now in writing down your goals and taking real control of what you want to do with your life.

What If I Lose Motivation?

If you start losing motivation for completing a task or you feel the unsurmountable urge to eat that cupcake (I know, I have been there) then eat it or take a break. It seems counter-productive, but if you are constantly hard on yourself how do you expect yourself to be motivated all the time. My way of getting around the mental burnout that is inevitable from working hard all the time is taking rest days.

Rest Is Vital

I take my rest days on the weekend so I can spend more time with family and friends. I also do it for religious reasons since taking a break on a Sunday is an act that is practiced in Christianity. Known as the Sabbath it was instituted as part of Jewish and Christian tradition where you take a day off the week to rest from all the work. Nowadays, western culture has made working hard a priority but we need to remember that we need to rest every now and then. In addition, the bible teaches that we can also find rest for the soul. Physical rest is great but having that knowledge that you are loved and accepted for who you are is the best rest for your mind.

Also! Naps are also a good way of replenishing your energy! :)



To summarise,

  • Write down your life goals

  • Have a clear, defined and concise plan such as a 12-week Planner

  • Find what works and what doesn’t work and refine

  • Know when to take rest or you will burn yourself out

I will see you again next week on how to get a real good night's sleep.

Have a productive week :)

Thank you for reading!

A big thank you to Lucy Cooper for editing and doing photography!


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