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Why Your Post-COVID Destination Should Be Rome

Luckily, being a member of KCAS (Kent Classical and Archaeological Society) means that we get to travel to Italy or Greece every year. Last year it was Rome, and let me tell you, it was amazing!

Not only was it the first time I had been to Rome, but it was also my first trip with my girlfriend!

But I want to focus more on Rome as a city. The architecture, the history, and most importantly, the food.


The Scenic Flight

You will never forget the first time you fly to Italy. The breath-taking sight of the Alps is to die for. I mean the photos really speak for themselves.

view of the alps from a plane
view of the alps from a plane

Amazing... am I right or am I right?


The Colossal Colosseum

How can we talk about Rome without mentioning the great Colosseum? This building is such an integral part of the city, which is why it should be the first thing you visit when you arrive in Rome.

Colosseum with a bird

Look at this angry bird we met :0

Girl looking through a window

Although you can take some fantastic photos, you can also enrich yourself with the intriguing history behind the structure. The amount of information that archaeologists uncovered is overwhelming! As you make your way around the amphitheatre, you'll find yourself learning about its history as you go - there's a whole museum packed inside it! (plus a gift shop, of course)


The Trevi Fountain Photographer

Trevi fountain at night

Now this was a funny story. My girlfriend and I visited the Trevi Fountain in the evening where it was still bustling with people. A photographer approached us and asked if we wanted a photo.

I thought why not, so I simply asked how much it was. He proceeded to tell me that it would cost €10 for one polaroid photo! I laughed, and then started asking in Italian why it was so much money, and told him that I only had €2 in my pocket.

After a few minutes of going back and forth, he realised I wasn't some naive tourist and hesitantly took my coins and snapped the photo.

The worst part was that I wasn't even looking at the camera when he took it!


Food Fit for the Gods

two people smiling having a pizza

The picture above is my girlfriend and I smiling as I ordered for everyone in Italian (and correctly, too!) A bit of alcohol goes a long way when giving you the confidence to speak another language :)

pizza and wine in a restaurant

More pizza ;)

Girl holding a connolo

And my favourite dessert of all time... cannoli!


The Vatican

This is a place I recommend you definitely visit. The pictures do not give the experience and beauty justice, which is why you need go when it is safe to do so!

Inside the Vatican

Also, just to let you know that the exterior of the Vatican is just as beautiful as the interior.

Exterior of the Vatican at day

Exploring the City Without Google Maps

Girl looking at map of Rome

One thing that I recommend you do when on holiday is to only use your phone for photos and emergencies. The feeling of traversing around a city with a map and asking locals is one the best ways to immerse yourself in a new place. It's also a neat way of meeting new people!



We all hope that COVID will be in the past soon, so that we can escape our homes and explore the world again. So, when it's safe to do so, don't hesitate and go on that adventure!

You can go alone, but I highly recommend going with a friend, since sharing memories is the best feeling one can have.

View of Rome

Thank you for reading!

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