• Sami Bakaitis

Why You Should Take an Online Course Today

It's clear that the COVID climate has become the new norm and the only way we can continue is by adapting.

We now have a lot of free time, but are confined to our homes to spend that newfound time.

One simple way you can pass the time while gaining new knowledge is by taking online courses. There are literally thousands to choose from and many new skills or topics to learn. Doing at least one online course can most likely improve your productivity and motivation.

Especially now when our CVs are looking a bit dry, you can revitalise it with some online courses. This shows how you're adaptable and eager to learn, if you want to impress your employers!

I have taken a wide variety of online courses, ranging from beginners Python on Youtube, to knowing what it takes to learn effectively with FutureLearn.

Here is a list of websites I found useful when taking an online course!


Free Online Courses

Youtube- A wide selection of free online courses to choose from. But be wary: make sure the person you are watching has enough experience to qualify as a teacher. In addition, the 2-hour video might be filled with dozens of ads! Nonetheless, you can learn a lot, such as the fundamentals of using a DSLR or understanding the history of the Russian Revolution.

LinkedIn- If you haven't already signed up on LinkedIn, DO IT. This website can become your living and breathing CV and you can connect with people who can give you advice. The best way to describe it is a professional Facebook. They also offer courses such as presentation skills or being fluent in Excel. Taking part in at least one will definitely boost your CV!

Coursera- I found this website through signing up to The Science of Well-Being course brought by the University of Yale. I highly recommend this specific course as well as the hundreds more this website offers! All the courses provided can help you develop very valuable skills for your future.

FutureLearn- An immense amount of courses hosted by university professors and skilled teachers. I highly recommend this website since a large portion of the courses are free! Yes, no free trial, no deposit, nothing! There is, however, a premium version where you can download certificates to put on display on your CV or LinkedIn profile!


Paid/ Free trial Courses

SkillShare- Very similar to FutureLearn but expands by having literally any skill you can think of! This learning hub is teeming with thousands of skills, ranging from knowing how to knit to understanding which houseplants are best for your home! I took the 1-month free trial and I learnt A LOT in that short space of time.

The Forage- They have an extensive list of large companies such as Citi bank and Microsoft. So, you know you can trust the advice they are putting out. I personally haven't used this, but I had a few friends tell me how beneficial it was for them!


I hope that by reading this you will find the motivation to start an online course. I recommend doing some research first and find which website is the best for your needs. It could be that having a mix of different ones will benefit you, like me!

Thank you for reading and have a productive week!

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