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How To Start 2021 Off Right- A (New) New Year Routine

First, I would like to say Happy new year!!! Glad to say we sort of survived 2020...

Right now you probably have some New Year resolutions; like run more, lose weight, be kinder or budget better. And those are great but ask yourself this, did you have those same resolutions last year?

I admit, I did the same thing last year. I promised myself I would do a good amount of push-ups every day.

we tried to take a picture but Alfie got in the way :(

I lasted until February...

But why? How are we so motivated at the beginning of the year but then quickly lose that momentum come February?

Well, let me shed some light for you.

Resolutions don't always work. Although it feels amazing to have that sudden spur of motivation, it sadly burns off way too fast. We also tend to hate ourselves when we miss a day or we lose focus when other events take over.

So, now you are wondering: what do I do now in the new year?

My advice, don't fill your schedule with new hobbies and workout routines. Instead, try to do one thing in the evening 15 minutes before bed. Simple.


Your New And Easiest New Year Routine Ever

Haven't I already talked about having a good routine? Well, yes but this is different, I promise.

This New Year Routine basically consists of three goals:

1. Choose a doable/enjoyable activity such as doodling or video editing

2. Do this activity before bed or when you wake up to avoid any distractions

3. This one is important! Don't do this every day or you will burn yourself out. Try this new activity every other day.

That's it! And yes, it seems simple and it should be. If we take on all these new hobbies such as getting a six-pack or getting a first in all your essays, you will soon be overwhelmed.

When your brain feels overwhelmed by the new hobbies that you have to do every day, you tend to give up. By using this (New) New Year routine your mind will thank you for giving yourself time to relax.

By doing this new activity every other day, you will have time to appreciate what you are doing and have time to relax, or even reschedule, without the unforgiving feeling of failing your New Year's resolution.



If having a New Years Resolution works for you then go for it and continue what you have been doing.

But, if you have been struggling to keep up with your goals, like me, then having a (New) New Year routine is the best way to try something new without having the feeling of being overwhelmed by doing it daily.

Remember, if you have been doing this activity for a few weeks and do not find it challenging enough, instead of doing it every day, try to make those 15 minutes more intense or extend the short time period.

I myself will be reading in Italian 15 minutes before bed, this is a simple activity that combines my love for reading and learning Italian. If the activity gets too easy or boring, I can easily change the book to suit my ability.

So, after reading this, I hope you choose something to do tonight or tomorrow morning that will take no more than 15 minutes and is enjoyable. I believe in you, and if you have any problems or questions message me whenever! I'm happy to have a chat with you :)

Thank you for reading and have a productive week!

The Productive Pilgrim


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