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How To Escape From Stress In 3 Minutes

Yeah, that's right you heard me!

I will show you how to escape the stress of life with one easy method...


Now I already know what you are thinking. No. But, if you read this blog post and give your mind a chance to enter a new way of living life, you will undoubtedly benefit from it.

Meditating has in a way become modernised. Research has proved that meditation is, in fact, one of the best things you can do to de-stress. There are lots of classes on it and loads of books about it and even Michael Jordan does it; but for some reason, most people still don't do it.

Me in Pompeii- Where my mind wanders when I want to feel at peace

The best way to see meditation is like you are going to the gym. Each time you focus your mind on your breath, it will be like a bicep curl for your brain! This is because you are training yourself to become more focused and mindful which, in turn, positively alters your brain.

Do you have any personal experiences with meditation? Feel free to write down what you think in the comments below!


4 Reasons Why You Should Meditate Now

Healthline is used as a reliable source to show you the science-based benefits of meditating.


1. You might have already guessed this but it reduces stress

"In an eight-week study, a meditation style called 'mindfulness meditation' reduced the inflammation response caused by stress"

2. Sitting still and focusing actually increases your attention span, which is great for anyone who feels like they lose focus on a simple task!

"One study found that four days of practicing meditation may be enough to increase attention span"

3. It improves sleep by making you fall asleep sooner

"It can help relax your body, releasing tension and placing you in a peaceful state in which you're more likely to fall asleep."

4. Also, it helps control your pain perception level, because pain is all in the mind

"Meditators and non-meditators experienced the same causes of pain, but meditators showed a greater ability to cope with pain and even experienced a reduced sensation of pain."


How To Meditate

It's super easy and it will only take a moment of your time. Don't worry about clearing your mind since it's actually impossible to do that!

  • Firstly, you don't have to sit on the floor, you can just sit or stand anywhere you like!

  • Take a few deep breaths (In through your nose and out through your mouth)

  • Now slowly close your eyes and begin to focus only on the breath

  • TIP: You can use an app like headspace or 10% happier to help aid you in your journey with meditating!

  • It's weird but once you actually sit still, alone with your thoughts, you quickly realise how uncontrollable your mind is! But don't worry, this is normal, these are just all the thoughts that are in your head racing around to get your attention

  • You can be in this state for as long as you want and once you finish its important to remember how you felt. This is to remind your brain how great it is to meditate, therefore you are more likely to do it again.

How I do it!

I meditate just by relaxing on my sofa after a long hard day at work. I put on my earphones so I can block out any outside noise from the streets or in my home.

I then open up my Headspace app and choose a three minute guided meditation. This is when I quickly descend into a state of pure calm.

The feeling once you are finished is unbeatable. The best way to describe this is that you are fully aware that you are in the moment.



In the end, it's a no brainer. Five minutes or less of your time to change your mindset and improve your mind is a great deal for anyone who is looking to improve themselves quickly.

The biggest thing people say to themselves when it comes to trying to meditate is that they don't have time. DON'T FALL INTO THIS TRAP! You can meditate on the train ride to work or right after you brush your teeth so there is always a time to improve yourself.

Why don't you give it a go right now! Turn off your phone or laptop, close your eyes and just breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth for three minutes. That's all you need to become one step closer to being more mindful and productive.

Thank you for reading and have a mindful week!

The Productive Pilgrim


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