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How To Break Up With Your Phone

I know, I know, you and your phone separated? Sounds like something out of Dante's Inferno- the harshest of all punishments.

But don't click away just yet, as you should know the benefits of taking a breather from your device!

man holding phone away from him

Why you might need some space

Your relationship with your phone is toxic. You give it your attention and in-turn receive new information, which is great, but it doesn't stop there.

Your phone keeps nagging you in the form of updates, notifications and reminders. And the problem is that it never stops.

Your phone never leaves you, not even when you go to the TOILET!

phone on the grass

The worst part is that your sleep is harshly affected by the blue light emitted.

This study shows that the blue light given off by our devices stops our brains from producing melatonin.

Melatonin is important if you want to fall asleep as it's the body's natural way of telling us that it's night-time!

If you want more information on getting a better nights sleep consider reading my blog post about it!

Whenever we struggle sleeping, our phone is somehow the solution. But by breaking from this habit you will do your eyes and brain a BIG favour.

man in bed on his phone

Your phone is also your worst enemy in getting things done.

Your phone will stop you from revising, staying relaxed and, most importantly, being in the moment!

See the problem here? Well the next few steps will show you simple ways to be less dependent on your phone.


How to give your phone the silent treatment

The Do Not Disturb function on your device should be used constantly and consistently.

You can do it right now while reading this blog! The lack of notifications might sound scary but if someone urgently needed you, I don't think they would send you a tweet or a snapchat...

By using D.N.D you will find yourself glancing over at your phone less and that's a big win if you want to become less attached to your phone.

man about to throw his phone in the air

Also, ever felt the phantom buzz? That feeling when you for sure felt your phone buzz but turns out your brain just imagined it.

Well, it has a name and it's phantom vibration syndrome! Research shows that it is likely related to the over-involvement with one's cell phone. Who knew?

So, if you feel that phantom buzz it could be a sign to take five and leave your phone for a while.


Lock your apps!

A way of cutting down your app usage is using the hard method. This is where you use your phone's settings to limit yourself to how much time you can spend on the app.

close up iPhone homescreen

I personally tried this and found it quite easy to bypass the lock, especially on IOS.

However, there are apps out there that can block apps completely for a chosen period of time, such as Freedom, Moment, Zenscreen* and many more.

*These apps are available on IOS, Android and desktop!


Untether yourself from social media

Social media is a BIG time and energy consumer and your phone gives you direct access to it!

I promise you that by cutting down on time spent on Facebook and Instagram you will be happier.

You will begin to realise that being in the moment is a lot more important than likes on your photo.

couple hugging while on their phones
This image is dramatic but you get the picture

Did you know that in 2020 the average time spent on social media world wide was 145 minutes every day?

That's over 2 hours that you could spend doing more productive things!

A method I like to use when I find myself mindlessly browsing Instagram is asking myself one simple question:

Will doing this action benefit my future self in 5 years?

If not, I move onto something more useful such as doing an online course or spending some time with family.


Find new things that make you happy

Okay, you put down your phone, now what? Well you can do anything really but I suggest doing something that makes you happy!

Those daily 145 minutes you spend on social media can be repurposed for new activities such as learning a new instrument!

If you can't think of anything and find yourself reaching for the phone again, try going for a walk instead.

Man walking down a park
So many people say go for a walk because it actually works!
You can read my other blog on the many benefits of walking.


I know that this might be the hardest thing you have to do but I promise you will be more productive without it.

Time wasted switching between apps can be time well-spent developing a new skill or focussing on yourself.

Why not try going just one day without your phone? If that's too intense, why not put your phone away after 6pm, that way your sleep isn't affected by the distraction!

Are you going to put your phone down now and untether from social media?

Thank you for reading and have a productive week!


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