• Sami Bakaitis

How To Become an Earth-Positive Pilgrim

That's right, it's eco-time.

I would like to begin with what being 'earth-positive' means. Simply put, it is a way of life that puts the earth at its centre. For example, when you are buying a top from ASOS are you aware of where the materials come from? Or are you certain that you actually need this and could instead go to a charity shop?

By having this 'earth-positive' attitude and applying it to your lifestyle, you will be taking the first necessary step in helping the environment.


You might be thinking, why should I be earth-positive?

Before asking this question, you should research current events, most importantly those concerning the environment. As of August, we have already passed our Overshoot day. This is the day when the earth has spent all of its resources and is no longer sustainable for the remainder of the year. For example, by August we have already cut down more trees than we are able to plant. Also, the ice caps are still melting, trees are still being cut down at a crazily high rate and there are people who are still starving in LEDCs!

-Having this awareness will help you in applying this lifestyle swiftly.

I myself once believed that being eco-friendly was just a money-grab for corporations. But, after reading distressing articles and becoming acquainted with a few popular documentaries, I quickly began to research ways in having an eco-lifestyle.


Actually Being Zero Waste (AKA The Truth)

This is a term that many Instagram bloggers use as a template to live their lives by. However, I believe that this term is put on a very high pedestal. It is almost impossible to be completely zero waste, so don't expect to be able to fit all your waste into a mason jar in your first month of being an eco-friendly pilgrim!

The zero waste goal is just an idea to strive for!

For example, the goal for always being happy; it's impossible but it's good to strive for it. There will be days you might find yourself unhappy due to outside events, you could also have a day where you buy something from ASOS because you really wanted to have that jumper. It's okay... really.


How Can You Start? (AKA Step 1)

Take stock. Look at how much you are spending on things and try to think of things that you don't actually need in your life.

I began with my bathroom. I saw the endless amount of plastic bottles in there. Shampoo bottles, conditioner bottles, body wash bottles, hand wash bottles, face wash.... it goes on.

So, after some quick research, I found some websites that sell eco-friendly bathroom products at a reasonable price.




*I am not sponsored by these websites. I personally picked these due to customer service, delivery speed and price

These t websites are fantastic for looking for everything that you need to transition your household into an earth-positive one!


What I use and why (AKA The Review)

So, here is what I bought and why.

1. BamBaw Cotton Buds

To begin with, I bought a pack of bamboo cotton buds. These buds have the same experience as normal plastic ones but instead, you feel better every time you throw it into the compostable bin instead of the landfill! They come in big packs as well, I went for the 400 so I would not have to keep buying them. This is a must-have for anyone who is starting to change the bathroom to an eco one.

Price- 9/10

Eco-friendliness -10/10

Comfort- 10/10

Verdict- Basically perfect so it's a no brainer!


2. Brushd. Toothpaste Tablets

Now let's look at toothpaste. After some research and testing with my girlfriend, we found that Brushd or Georganics are the best brands for toothpaste tablets. We chose these ones as they have added fluoride which is great for having nice and clean teeth. The taste is quite salty at first but you quickly get used to it. You are probably thinking what are toothpaste tablets? But, don't be alarmed its like having a mint in your mouth that quickly turns into a paste much like normal toothpaste. Brushd also sell toothpaste tablet refill packs which come in compsotable and recyclable packaging and can then be transferred into the glass jar provided when you are running low.

Price- 7/10

Eco-friendliness -10/10

Comfort- 8/10

Verdict- A great way to start changing your dental routine into an eco-friendly one! You can also reuse the glass jar to store other things!


3. LiveCoco Charcoal Teeth Whitener

If you are worried that toothpaste tablets will not keep your teeth as clean as oral-b or Colgate then fear not, charcoal is here! The only problem is that it's charcoal, so when I first started brushing I saw that my teeth looked like they belonged to one of the crew members on Davy Jones' ship. But after using it for over 2 weeks you will see a big difference. Many of the reviews on the website evidently show that this is effective and a must-have if you want to spend some extra cash!

Price- 6/10

Eco-friendliness -9/10

Comfort- 7/10

Verdict- A great way to start changing your dental routine into an eco-friendly one!


4. LiveCoco Charcoal Toothbrush Heads

Now electric toothbrush heads are always made out of plastic and you have to keep replacing them after a certain number of months so after a few years the plastic waste adds up. By switching to recyclable toothbrush heads you can save the ocean one brush at a time! Or you can even opt for a bamboo toothbrush! You can attach the charcoal toothbrush head to any Oral-B product or LiveCoco has other versions for different toothbrush brands!

Price- 7/10

Eco-friendliness -8/10

Comfort- 10/10

Verdict- An earth-positive way of changing your electric toothbrush to an eco one!


Conclusion (AKA The End)

The power to shape the future of the earth is in your hands. So instead of swiping on Instagram, start researching compost sites in your area. Instead of shopping online try clearing your wardrobe and checking whether you really need more clothes.

Now that I am back at university I will be going vegan with my girlfriend as part of our journey to reducing our waste. I will try my best to record the experience and give my honest opinion on it in a blog.

Thank you for reading and have an eco-productive week!

The (Earth-Positive) Productive Pilgrim