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How I Booked a Flight to Norway for the Price of Fish and Chips!

You're probably thinking: £18?? Norway??? Impossible. But I will tell you how and why!

Skyscanner was the reason for the insanely low price. A whooping £18 return flight to go to Norway for the weekend. (I am in no way affiliated with Skyscanner, this is my own opinion)

It all started on a gloomy Monday morning on my campus at university. I was watching Netflix... ahem... I mean 'revising', and suddenly a need to do something hit me. It's hard to explain but I'm sure you have also felt it.

...The need to escape.

I called my friend Seb later that evening and I told him how I was feeling. He too felt this unquenchable desire to escape the norm.

And so, after a few hours of looking online and deciding where to go, we landed on Norway. Seb's hometown! We also managed to get our friend Will to tag along.

Lucky for us accommodation was already sorted, courtesy of Seb's parents, so all we needed to do was to book a flight.

I actually almost missed the flight due to a major accident on the motorway, so kudos to the coach driver for making up for lost time. And, I learnt my lesson, which is that I will now travel only by train if I want to get to the airport!

The flight was as comfortable as an £18 flight can be, so there's not much to talk about there.

At arrival we went straight to our accommodation but not before we picked up some duty free booze at the airport!

Items like alcohol and cigarettes are heavily taxed by the government so that important facilities like schools and hospitals can be properly funded!

The architecture was modern and sleek, yet also rooted in nature which inturn creates a vibrant city that has much to offer for everyone.

I would definitely recommend hiking up to the foggy hills. Or better yet, wait until the winter season and go skiing there instead!

Sightseeing was amazing, thanks to our trusty Norwegian guide Seb! We were able to find out about the rich history that Norway has to offer.

Although, we did have to use google maps to help us navigate the mazelike city centre.


The Food...amazing...

The Price...not so...

We found a lovely little warehouse right next to the sea that had a vast array of different cuisines. Will and I went for the fish and chips as well as the fish soup. Yum!

The fish was caught fresh and it was absolutely sublime! Even though it was pricey, at around £15 when converted, the freshness and the taste was unbeatable.


The Lost Phone

After walking through a nice park, Seb realised that he had lost his phone! When he told us what the case looked like, Will and I had low hopes...

The phone had a wooden-like case which meant finding it was a herculean task.

See if you can spot the phone in the picture. And if you can, let me know in the comments. P.S the phone is actually in the picture!

On our final day, Seb had the bright idea to jump into near freezing water. Luckily, I took a photo to prove it.

I also took an erie photo of the forest, that is also somewhat peaceful to look at.



Now, I'm not saying to book a trip to Ibiza right now (not only because it's a pandemic). But it's nice to know that if you ever feel trapped, you can escape to a whole new country, even if it's just for the weekend!

I was so happy when I returned, I felt refreshed and ready to tackle university! Also, the looks on all my colleague's faces when I returned to my Monday lecture was unbeatable :)

Thank you Seb and Will for a great trip :)

Thank you for reading and have a productive week!

The Productive Pilgrim


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