• Sami Bakaitis

5 Books You Should Read Right Now

What have I been reading this month and why?

1. Into Thin Air By John Krakauer

This book is the personal account of the famous writer, John Krakauer in the Everest disaster in 1996. A storm that resulted in the death of 8 climbers and many being left stranded. The eye-opening imagery and brutal details make it a fantastic read for anyone who enjoys a great adventure. I was told to read this book by Stephen Klemich who is a co-author in the next book I will recommend! Klem was at base camp the year it happened. This had inspired me to quickly order this book and try to imagine the intensity of a journey like that.

Klem had started rock climbing in Australia, then transitioned into alpine climbing around the world. He had done this to connect with nature, challenge himself, build his character, and have the opportunity to show others how majestic the environment is.

Like any long and intense trek, climbing Everest is not just a physical journey but a mindful one. The isolation coupled with the stark white snow is the perfect breeding grounds for mindfulness and really understanding who you are and what you want. Many people, including my girlfriend, are stupified as to why people would risk their lives doing something as dangerous as this. It's not only because it's there! It is to prove to yourself that you can do anything. It also shows you that the world is big and there are many things to conquer.

Also, I heard the view from the top is great :)

I have always had the urge to climb a mountain, it is something I believe I should do before I die. If you also have that same urge then you should read this book. Krakauer has also written Into The Wild, which I highly recommend to anyone who is getting the wanderlust blues while in lockdown!

2. Above The Line By Stephen and Mara Klemich

This book will change the way you speak to family members and colleagues. Above The Line, in essence, outlines the 4 main principles in life and how you should learn to control those vital principles. This book is written in a way that almost feels like an impersonal chat with the authors, which is great as you won't feel too intimidated to pick up the book and start reading it.

This book is for anyone, from a low-level employee to the CEO of a major company. The fresh perspective on the professional and personal environment is not only easy to adopt but really easy to follow. I enjoy it as it is all about being in the moment but looking at the situation from a 3rd person perspective which is what mindfulness is all about!

3. Row For Freedom by Julia Immonen

This book is amazing. The personal experience of a woman who decided to row the Atlantic with less than a year of rowing experience makes this book a truly gripping read.

I have only rowed once in my life which does not make me qualified to even imagine the amount of pain Julia must have gone through, but her impersonal language and page-turning stories make it seem like I was there with her. Furthermore, her personal journey with God is very inspiring with the miracles and disasters that challenge her faith.

4. How to become a straight-A student By Cal Newport

This nice and simple guide will change the way you revise for university. The book is comprised of 3 parts which you could easily finish in a couple of days.

Cal Newport had interviewed an array of 'straight-A students' and asked about their methods of revision. He removed any answers that said 'working all the time' or 'grinding constantly' and selected the ones that efficiently make you work harder while spending less time than your peers.

Some steps are so easy to do and they make drastic changes in how you study and I can say I was actually surprised by some of the techniques. You will learn how to actually manage your time well, meaning that you can go out partying every weekend and still have enough time to be able to write a superb essay. I honestly wish I found this book before I started my first year as I could have saved myself hours droning in the library the night before the assignment is due. I can't recommend this book enough!

5. Be So Good They Can't Ignore You By Cal Newport

Can you tell I am a big fan of Cal Newport?

This is another fantastic book for anyone who hates their job or believes they have no valuable skills to bring to the real world. Cal Newport successfully writes another great easy-to-follow book that would only take you a few days to finish, making it a must-read for anyone who is in short of time.

The simple steps guide in the right direction in the professional environment for someone who is joining it for the first time or someone who has 20 years' experience in a field! I can't say much else other than for you to read this ASAP as the reviews and the book speaks for itself.

Do you have any books that you recommend to others?

Put them in the comments below!

Thank you for reading and go have a productive week!

The Productive Pilgrim