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3 Ways To Kickstart Your Motivation Today

Hello again!

I have to be honest with you, I'm not constantly motivated and I'm certainly not the perfect productivity master where I schedule every minute of my day. I'm telling you this because you have to understand that no one is perfect but everyone is unique.

What do I mean by everyone is unique? I mean that we each have our own way of being productive and mindful, but most importantly our own way of being happy.

With each article that I post I want you to take in and try to apply these proven methods to your environment and not to do them exactly the same way I do them.

“Very little is needed to make a happy life; it is all within yourself, in your way of thinking.” Marcus Aurelius

This article is going to show you 3 really simple ways of kickstarting your motivation so you can become who you want to be and find that motivation that you know is sitting somewhere in your mind.

Remember! Find your own way of implementing these tips into your own lifestyle so that you can be happy without having to sacrifice the things that you love.

Why is motivation so important today?

I believe that motivation is the driving force in everything we do, whether it's going on a date or writing your first draft for your dissertation. You need to be motivated in order to achieve. These 3 tips will hopefully aim you in the right direction for where you want to be.

1- Plan, Divide and Conquer

Just like the commander Julius Ceaser, you should implement a plan that divides what you want to achieve. Once you have the task singled out, strike.

I recently utilised the BuJo (Bullet Journaling) approach from a member commenting on another blog post. I have been using it for 2 weeks and I can already tell you, personally, that this is my favorite way of planning my week.

Below is a timeline of my week. You can see that towards the end I failed to complete tasks as I had more important matters to do but I did not let that affect my motivation since I continued on as normal the following week.

Many people argue that BuJo is a waste of time or that you need to be an artist, but I only spend 30 minutes every Sunday evening planning out my week. Also, everyone I know can vouch for me when saying that my artistic skills are horrible. What you need to know is that it only takes 30 minutes once a week to save yourself hours of not knowing what to do with your day.

All I do is just outline what needs to be done throughout the week and once I have completed it I just colour it green! This is a really quick and easy way of having a simple overview of your week.

I also use my BuJo to track habits and how many books I read so I can make sure that I am on track. Even more, I add a weekly bible quote to keep me motivated and inspired!

2- Remove ALL Distractions

We live in a world filled with advertisements that grab your attention and put you in the path of laziness. While being distracted is sometimes good as it can let your subconscious mind think over things, I believe it is only good in strict moderation.

Find a quiet or isolated area to work. I find it best to work in a private room that is not my bedroom such as a study carrel in a library or a public quiet area such as a small cafe. In public is great because if you are not doing any work people are going to wonder why a person is just staring into nothingness. This might give you the motivation necessary to trudge through your assignment.

Removing your phone from the equation is vital when you want to be really motivated and free of distractions.

  • The app called Forest is great when you want to force yourself to stop looking at your phone. With Forest, you simply plant a tree and for a selected time you will work without looking at your phone. But if you begin to use your phone, the tree would die. It is not as harsh as it sounds but when you focus on the positives, you will have a lush forest by the end of the month which will keep you motivated to keep on working.

  • Temporarily block notifications. This method has a high success rate when wanting to stop checking your phone constantly and you can take it one step further by actually deleting social media apps that sap your motivation. I delete apps like Instagram and Snapchat during the weekdays so I can focus on what is really important for me.

3- Start a Habit and Track it

Using a habit tracker can also ensure that you stay on course with your goal. It also tracks your progress which gives you that added motivation.

One part that I love with BuJo is tracking all the statistics. I started a new habit where I try to drink only water, so I would track how much I drank with a Tally app. I would then see how much water I drank last week and how I can visibly see days where I drank more or less and think why that is.

Below is a sample of a week of my habit of drinking water.

I also do the same for running and will soon add yoga as a new habit! The reason why adding a simple habit such as flossing or writing down what you are grateful for is so beneficial is because it improves your health. Both mentally and physically, having habits would make you feel happier and more in tune with how you spend your day.

I picked up this sleek Bullet journal that is made from vegan material and has high-quality paper from Amazon along with stationery supplies that are useful when drawing up your week. It is definitely worth your time and money!

So to summarise,

1. Plan your week so you know what you are doing (A bullet journal helps keep track)

2. Remove distractions that would keep you from feeling motivated such as social media

3. Track a habit or two with your timetable in order to visually see how well you are doing and, as a result, boost your motivation greatly

That it! It's as easy as that! Even implementing just one of these tips will surely boost your motivation and bring you the energy required to tackle the day.

Thank you so much for reading and have a productive week!

The Productive Pilgrim


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